Teachers & Staff

Our teachers and support staff are a diverse team of well qualified professionals from various parts of the world who have expertise in delivering a world class education to all our students and meeting their individual needs.

  • The dedicated staff at ASK strives to achieve excellence and provide value based education to its students.
  • Our teachers and staff at the American private School of Kalba are caring, enthusiastic and highly qualified educators who have strong relationships with both students and parents. Our teachers attend several events and workshops each year.
  • Every year from 7-12 each student is prepared for the future as a role model, a leader, thinker, a team player, an effective and a confident communicator. Visitors comment favorably on the energy, tangible happiness and self-confidence of our students and we look forward to welcoming you to our School.
  • ASK offers a positive educational experience for our students, which is provided by a team of dedicated teachers.
  • We believe that each and every encounter that takes place at school can be life changing. It is therefore important to ensure that our teachers are role models for our students and supportive of their self- esteem and personal development.