We want our students to become independent learners who take more initiative for their learning
We want to increase their ability to apply their skills.
We want the curriculum to raise the achievement of our students and impact on learning and progress.
We want our students to become life- long learners who can compete with world class education standards.
We want our students to be proud of their UAE and Islamic heritage, culture and values.
We want our curriculum to lay the foundation that will enable our children to become productive citizens of the UAE and as global citizens.

The core curriculum meets all statutory requirements based on AiAA accreditation board requirements and the Common Core curriculum of the USA specifically the Engage New York Curriculum. The school day is organized into 7-50 minute periods. Our school is well supported by extra-curricular provision and enrichment activities including educational visits

The curriculum is organized to build on students’ previous learning and how it informs planning and teaching.


The core subjects we offer include: English, Maths, the Sciences, Islamic Education, Moral Education, Arabic Language, IT.


Students in grades 9-12 have electives including a choice between Chemistry and Accounting; Business and Biology.
We also offer French as a Modern Foreign Language.


We run after school clubs on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:10-2:50pm. All students are welcome to join the clubs. After school clubs are free.


ASSESSMENT and EXAMINATIONS: Summative Assessment:

These will vary dependent on the age, ability and learning needs of the students. Below is a list of standardized tests that students need to write.

Standardized Testing: All students in the UAE have to write standardized tests at some stage in their school career. These tests are international benchmark tests that are designed in line with UAE National Agenda and Vision 2021. Students in the UAE would meet international standards in maths, science and verbal and non- verbal reasoning and problem solving. The tests for American schools are:

  • CAT 4 (Cognitive Ability Test) Grades 8,
  • NWEA MAPS Grades 7,8,9,
  • PISA 10
  • Grade 12 Students in American curriculum schools must also pass the following exams:
    SAT  or TOEFL which are required for entry into University
    EMSAT for entry into UAE Universities

These standardized assessments:

  • Will be compared to a teacher’s own assessments and any anomalies analysed e.g. a high standardised score and lower teacher assessments may indicate a student ‘coasting’.
  • Give information about students’ strengths and weaknesses so that teachers can identify possible solutions and interventions.
  • Help identify those students that may need additional support or more challenging teaching.
  • Enables meaningful, achievable targets for individuals, classes and the school as a whole by combining attainment data, measures of ability, and powerful predictions.
  • Gives ASK independent, objective information to evaluate our school’s performance and to act as our school key performance indicators (KPI’s).


Students in grade 12 have to write the SAT and EMSAT examinations to prepare for university and further education and college readiness.


Students in grade 12 have to write the SAT and EMSAT examinations to prepare for higher education as part of their college readiness.

Our older students are also involved in various activities including the Al N Najarprogramme, a UAE university fair that supports students to choose universities and colleges within and outside the UAE.

The curriculum also focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding students need in order to prepare them for higher education and future employment


At the end of grade 12, students are awarded a high school diploma and a behaviour conduct form. Students must achieve cumulative grade point average(GPA) of at least 2.5 based on 18 credit hours to be able to graduate. Credit hours are calculated on the number of periods a student attends classes every term, it also includes the amount of time spent doing homework, projects and extra curricula activities. The total credit hours are used to calculate the Grade Point Average. Students who do not meet the total credit hours will not be allowed to graduate.
Therefore, it is absolutely important for students to attend all classes and complete all assigned classwork, homework and projects.

Students completing grade 12 must attest and submit their grades 10, 11 and 12 final school reports to the Ministry of Education to obtain equivalency to attend UAE universities.