Parent & Teacher Association

We believe that education is most effective when relationships among the school, parents, students and the community are solid.

We operate an open door policy where parents’ ideas are welcome. We are always prepared to work closely with parents and other stakeholders in shaping the future of the students.


We expect students to complete all assigned homework by the stipulated date. Homework is given out weekly and posted on the parents portal. Students who persistently do not complete their homework will lose behaviour marks and this could affect their GPA.


This is an online tool which parents can download onto their phones. All school communications and information are usually posted on the portal. please contact the school office for assistance on how to download the portal app.


We hold parents’ consultation evenings once every term to discuss students’ achievement and behaviour. During the parents’ consultation evenings, parents are able to ask questions and receive feedback pertaining to their child’s academic performance and attitudes in school.